by Steven Impson

Using EQ For Better Audio

03 Mar 2024

My little AudioEngine A2s surrounded by plants and stationery

I’ve been using these little AudioEngine A2 speakers pretty close to daily since I bought them in 2012. Twelve damn years ago! They’re so damn nice sounding for little speakers that don’t demand huge chunks of my desk space. The other day however, I came across a tweet from John Linneman about using EQ to get better sound from these diminuitive little boxes, so I gave it a try.

It was a bit of a task to work out given the software John uses is Windows specific and a lot of the commonly recommended Mac alternatives were unsupported or just plain creaky. As often happens with audio related things on a Mac it was Rogue Amoeba to the rescue with a slick little app called SoundSource. Mostly used as a way to granularly direct sound to and fro on a Mac, I saw it had precisely the feature I needed - the ability to apply EQ to specific output devices.

SoundSource in action on my Mac

I grabbed the DSP Correction file from noaudiophile, it imported into SoundSource without fuss and instantly my little speakers sounded better. Doing some on/off experiments revealed less booming in bass, but still a lot of nicely defined bass along with a clearer higher end that made songs pop more than they had in years!

I’d loved these speakers for twelve years already, and now they’re even better.